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Tavern Hall

Contact Person for Venue:
Jett Johnson

Phone Number:
(425) 454-7500

30 to 550 (depending on the room)

Base Venue Rental Price:
3 Rooms – Each with unique pricing

Catering Protocol:
Tavern Hall

Minors Allowed:

Downtown Bellevue

505 Bellevue Square, Bellevue WA 98004


Features Of Space:
Tavern Hall is big, beautiful and fun. With a prime location and plenty of parking, we designed it to be the perfect spot to host large events. We can accommodate groups of 30 to 400 making Tavern Hall an ideal spot to host personal celebrations, team events, corporate functions and class reunions.

We have three distinct areas that can be rented out separately or combined for an extra-large party.  None of these rooms are closed off from the action at Tavern Hall, yet each will provide the space you and your guests need to be comfortable while soaking up the atmosphere at Tavern Hall. Each of these rooms can be rented any day at any time.

When building and conceiving of Tavern Hall, we envisioned a space that could be flexible and, most importantly, casual and entertaining. Our preference is to help you throw an event focused on being social, networking and having fun. This means that there is no dinner bell for your event. Instead, we’ll feed the group over the course of your event. To be honest, we are kind of allergic to chaffing dishes and big long buffets. At your Tavern Hall event, no one is going to line up at a buffet to fill a plate, find a seat and sit down to eat a quiet meal.  Instead, we hope your group will be moving about our rooms, dodging in and out of conversations, eating off of our servers trays during the entirety of the event while talking, playing and watching games. We want to facilitate those “collisions” that will help your company attain even greater success.

Whether you are planning a new party or looking for a fresh alternative for your next event, Tavern Hall provides everything you need in the most convenient location in all of Bellevue.

Four distinct rooms:
• The Clock Room –  Seating for 28 / Accommodates 45 in a cocktail style event.
• The Corner Office – Seating for 42 / Accommodates 75 in a cocktail style event.
• The South Bar – Accommodates up to 110 in a cocktail style event.
• (the three rooms above can be combined for larger events)
• Restaurant Buy-Out – Available to accommodate up to 550.

• Shuffleboards in each room
• Darts
• Buck Hunter and Golden Tee video games
• Over 149 outlets so your guests can charge their devices
• Fast, free WiFi available
• Four screen presentation cube available
• DJ booth

The restaurant and private dining spaces were thoughtfully designed and curated with old architectural antiques from around the world.  The result is the most unique, cool (and warm) space in Bellevue:
• 80 year old front door system reclaimed from Psychiatric Hospital in New York
• 150 year old fireplace from Denmark
• 75 year old light fixtures  from a Broadway theater
• 100 year old back bar from Baltimore
• 800 pound finials from FBI building in Washington DC
• Reclaimed stained glass and windows from Church in Portland, OR.
• Way too many cool and unique items to list!

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