Join the excitement of the PGA’s first U.S. Open golf tournament in Washington, at Chambers Bay near Tacoma in June. It is not too late to plan your own celebration of this first-time event at an outstanding Tacoma party venue. A variety of party venues are available in the Tacoma area, from private rooms in top restaurants to a party space at local halls, hotels or clubs. If your party will not be at a restaurant and you want to hire a caterer, ask the venue if they have a list of “preferred caterers” they have worked with in the past. This will save time and help avoid glitches since they are already familiar with the venue’s operation and set up.

To get you started creating your own U.S. Open party for your golf buddies, family and/or friends, here are some outstanding party venue options in the Tacoma area:

  • A private party room in a local hotel
  • A club, pub or tavern
  • Charter a boat or yacht
  • A private room in a top restaurant
  • Rent an event hall or ballroom
  • An art, dance or music studio that rents its space
  • An estate, mansion or historic venue
  • A local museum or aquarium that offers event space

If the party location of your choice does not offer food service, contact a catering company as soon as possible to arrange the food and drinks for your party. Following are a few tips for finding a caterer that’s the right fit for your party wants and needs:

— Always check their references before making a decision.

— Tell the caterer your budget and the type of food you want at the beginning

of your initial conversation.

— Hire a catering as far in advance as you can to allow enough preparation time.

— Your agreement with the caterer should be put in writing and include all the details of the menu, services, etc.


Have a great time celebrating this unprecedented golf event in our local area.


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